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THE ETHICAL EDIT: Sustainable French Fashion Brands

Ethical fashion has always been around, but in recent years the fashion industry has begun to comprehend its impacts on the environment. With several fashion brands taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint and enforcing ethical practices, one thing is for sure that the sustainability trend is here to stay.

What is sustainable or ethical fashion?

Ethical fashion, often referred to as "slow fashion", is conscious of the environment and people in every inch of the process. It is a sustainable approach towards designing, producing, marketing and using clothes, shoes and accessories in the most eco-friendly manner by taking into account the environment and the socio-economic aspects, from the production process and the work ethics to the final consumers. Ethical fashion is not just about producing garments by reducing environmental impacts and implementing ethical-work practices, but also about a more sustainable buying and consumption pattern.

As buyers, we can make a difference and have the ability to promote ethical fashion by being mindful of what we buy. Our wallets and the planet will thank us! Let me share some sustainable French fashion brands that you must check out


This contemporary brand combines style, longevity and ethics at the same time. Les Sublimes collections, designed in high-end and eco-responsible fabrics, use GOTS* labelled cotton and OEKO-TEX* certified cashmere. They sell exclusively online without intermediaries to offer you excellent quality at a fair price.


One of my favourites! Known for its eco-friendly sneakers, Veja uses fair trade and organic raw materials like GOTS* certified cotton and vegetable-tanned leather. For five years, Veja has used Tilapia fish leather in their shoes. Rejected by inland fish farmers, its skin gets upcycled through a procedure involving vegetable dyeing. By eschewing advertising, they are investing in increasing their ethical practices.


Are you looking for a french-girl silk blouse? Look no further, Soi Paris has got you!

Started by two sisters, this brand is committed to offering you impeccable quality fabrics of natural origin, ethically sourced and sustainably produced in OEKO-TEX* certified factories.


Working on the principle of upcycling and eco-design, Atelier Gaëlle Constantini creates new clothes by collecting, buying and recovering secondhand textiles. Atelier Gaëlle Constantini has put simplicity and elegance at the heart of their creation, following slow fashion with two permanent collections and 4-5 new pieces added each season. You can also return their clothes to receive a 30% discount on their site.


Stella Pardo is a French luxury knitwear brand. By combining Peruvian savoir-faire and effortless french elegance, Stella Pardo creates exclusive, handmade, 100% natural pieces. Reinventing the knitting codes, delicate cuts, fine crochet details to the sustainable production of fabrics, this brand cannot be missed.


Eco-responsible in essence, Ekyog produces all its collection with raw, recycled and organic fibres. Ekyog's collections are designed and created in Paris, with some timeless and feminine designs. The brand is also known to support its artisans, transparency and high standards of ethical values.


Les Récupérables or "The Recoverable", this young brand is a part of the circular economy. Responsibly creating collections without producing waste, but rather recovering vintage fabrics like curtains, ends of rolls and scraps to transform them into beautiful garments.

A print = A vintage curtain = A limited edition creation

*OEKO-TEX - This certification guarantees every component of this article, i.e. every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and has a total absence of chemical substances.

*GOTS - It is the most recognized certification. It limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical inputs during the production process of textiles. Traceability is assured thanks to certification at every stage of the production chain.