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A STEP-BY-STEP guide for radiant skin

The Brazilian president was mistaken when he said the coronavirus vaccine might turn you into a crocodile, but an incorrect skincare routine might...

Preventative measures are always best (as I think people are starting to realise now) and early interventions are better than evasion. Rather than waiting for the wrinkles to get so bad they look like a road atlas, it would be better to start caring about your skin in your 20s. Older you will thank me later. Skincare is a science in itself though, sort of like cookery, but the consequences are more drastic if you overbake (please don't forget your sunscreen). There is also an order in which you should apply your ever-growing collection of skincare products, lest they actually counteract each other. Here's a rundown of your recipe to enviable skin in your middle-age:

1. Cleanser

- A no brainer, cleanse the mucky Parisian air pollution off your face, or, if you're lucky enough to live in the countryside, the tears of isolation and inconsistent European weather.

2. Toner

This will lift any stubborn impurities from your pores, leave your complexion looking more even, freshen you up and prepare your skin for all the hydrating goodies coming its way subsequently.

3. Serums

These are topical treatments for a variety of skincare problems. These can treat redness, acne, dryness, fine lines etc. There's a remedy for most things, so find what works for you. Hyaluronic acid is a good shout for all skin types. Ease the drought, and maybe you won't end up looking like tree bark. If you're combining HA with other serums, apply it first.

4. Eye creams

Unless you enjoy looking like the walking dead.

5. Moisturiser

Need I say more? Even if your skin is oily, you should still moisturise, skipping this step could make your oiliness worse as your parched skin overproduces sebum.

6. Facial oils & retinol

Retinol is the wonder ingredient that everyone raves about; it boosts collagen production, which will reduce the sagginess of your skin, smoothes fine lines, stimulates cell turnover- so your body can start much needed renovations on your skin. It is however quite strong, and sensitive skin can react badly initially, so you might want to buffer it by mixing it with your moisturiser.

7. Sunscreen.

Please use this every day. UV radiation damage is irreversible, can prevent blemishes from fading, and lead to much more serious health conditions. UV rays can also penetrate clouds, so UK dwellers, this counts for you too.

Have a look at the diagrams below for a handy summary and a checklist for your morning and night-time routines.


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